Planting to Reduce the Climate Change Effects

Extreme temperature has been felt in almost part in this planet. People are encouraged to reduce the effect of it. One way we can do to reduce the extreme temperature caused by the climate change is planting flowers and trees. The jungle which is the lung of earth are not working properly, otherwise the pollution level is rising significantly.

That is why, human as the main population of this third planet has duties to heal or at least to repair the climate. Every one of us is sued to be an instant gardener. We have to choose at least small numbers of Planters to put in our neighborhood. Or, the simplest way we can take to give our participation on world climate reduce is by get an Indoor Planter then put it inside our house. It is not only shows our good intention, but also shows that we are aware about the global warming.

If we have quite large yard, we can participate with put Outdoor Planters. We do not have to plant a big tree on the yard, because small outdoor plantation is enough to eliminate the extreme weather. Now, if we want to show our response to the climate change, our hobby in gardening is something useful to do. will help you to choose plants you want to reduce the extreme temperature.

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